A nutritional study shows that chia seed is a nutrient that can help you boost your vitamin D content

By now you probably know that vitamin D deficiency can be quite problematic for some people, especially those who suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis, which often require sun exposure to thrive.

Vitamin D deficiency also contributes to a wide range of other health issues like osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and dementia.

However, new research has provided some insight into the role that chias seeds may play in boosting vitamin D levels.

Researchers at the National Institute of Nutrition and Nutrition Education (NINETE) in Japan have conducted a study that shows that seeds can boost vitamin D in some people.

The researchers say that the findings suggest that seeds may be a “nutritional supplement that can increase vitamin D synthesis, increase the body’s ability to synthesize vitamin D, and improve its vitamin D status.”

The researchers tested several varieties of chia, including green chia (also known as green tea, chia and kiwi chia), yellow chia or black chia.

They found that green chias, which have been traditionally associated with low levels of vitamin D supplementation, were able to increase vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin D-binding protein, which is involved in the synthesis of vitamin A. Green chias were also able to boost vitamin B12, which helps to neutralize free radicals.

The scientists also found that chiacenos (black chia) and sunflower chia were able of increasing vitamin B6 levels.

The chia that was used in the study was not only high in vitamin A and vitamin B, but also higher in vitamin D than green chiac and sunbean chia varieties.

The new study, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, suggests that chiase seeds may help boost vitamin A levels in people who have not previously had a history of vitamin-D deficiency.

The researchers suggest that chios seeds may also boost vitamin K1 and K2.

They also suggest that they may help to boost the levels of a vitamin that can be found in plant foods like carrots, lettuce and broccoli.

They suggest that in the future, chiac seeds could be used to provide a vitamin supplement to people who lack vitamin D or other vitamin-like minerals, or who are trying to build up their vitamin D stores.

The research is important, because it suggests that many people are deficient in vitamin B-12 and that the best way to prevent this deficiency is to take vitamin supplements, which may include chia in addition to other foods.

This is a good idea, because many people have difficulty getting enough vitamin B 12 from foods, such as fish and meat, which can provide much more than the amount required by most people.

This deficiency is also a serious health issue, with a number of studies suggesting that vitamin B 10 deficiency in children and adults is a major factor in the onset of childhood cancers.

So, it is important that researchers continue to investigate the health benefits of these foods, and more studies like this will help to further elucidate the role of chias in boosting the health of people.

Source: The Next World

By now you probably know that vitamin D deficiency can be quite problematic for some people, especially those who suffer…


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