Aussie coach Bowmar nutrition expert reveals his secrets to eating healthily

The fitness guru behind the Bowmar brand has shared his secrets for keeping healthy and fit in a new book.

A native of Melbourne’s CBD, former rugby league star Darren Bowmar is the chief executive of Bowmar Nutrition, the company that he founded with his son, Darren.

The book, Bowmar’s New Year’s Plan, was released by Penguin Australia on Wednesday, and has already received more than 2.5 million sales since its release.

It was released in Australia in July, and the book has since been sold out on Amazon and other retailers.

While many of the principles were the same for the Bowmars, the key difference was the emphasis on food.

“We wanted to be the food revolution, to transform how people eat,” Mr Bowmar told Business Insider.

Mr Bowmar also revealed that he uses his own nutritional formula for his son to eat and his own health monitor for his wife and two children.

“[Our family] is healthy, it’s just the way we do it,” he said.

Bowmar nutrition was launched in 2011 and Mr Bowmarch also became a personal trainer and worked as an executive for health technology company Medi-Q.

In the book, he outlines a plan for his family that includes a 30-minute daily breakfast, a 30 per cent-protein, low-carb diet and a 12-hour workout.

He also explains the nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, and recommends the use of fruit juices.

What’s your favourite meal in 2018?

Bowmarch nutrition also recommends a low-fat, low sugar, Mediterranean-style diet, and a 30 minutes a day exercise programme.

As well as being a fitness coach, Mr Bowmbar also works with organisations that offer health-focused fitness advice.

Read more:Bowmar Nutrition is the brainchild of Mr Bowmpar’s son, who has since moved to the United States, where he is now working for an online fitness company.

When asked what his favourite meal is in 2018, Mr Bowen said he ate “some fruit and some protein”.

“I’m not a diet guy, but if I have some sort of a plan, I’d have to make sure I stick to that,” he told Business Insider.

This year, Mr Bowermarch said he plans to use his time to work on a documentary about the Bowmers.

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The fitness guru behind the Bowmar brand has shared his secrets for keeping healthy and fit in a new book.A…


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