How to cook spaghetti squash for your spaghetti squash recipe

I love spaghetti squash, I love the flavour and I love that I can make it in a few minutes at home with no fuss.

It’s easy to throw together and it tastes amazing too.

It might not be your thing, but the flavours and textures of spaghetti squash are so rich and versatile that you might as well make them right now.

So, how do you make spaghetti squash?

The answer, it turns out, depends on what you’re looking for. 


The base recipe to start with is the classic spaghetti squash with a sauce of spinach, feta and Parmesan cheese.

It can be topped with any of these ingredients or you can just add in the sauce as it cooks, but I’ve found that this is a great base recipe, so that’s what I’ll be using. 


If you’re not in the market for spaghetti squash but still want a pasta dish to add to your next meal, try this spaghetti squash salad.

It makes for a super quick and easy lunch, and I’m a big fan of pasta salads so this will be an easy dish to share with my friends. 


If pasta is what you’ve got, try the spaghetti squash soup with roasted garlic and sweet peas.

This is a quick and healthy soup with just a few ingredients that’s loaded with flavour and nutritional value. 


If your pasta is a little bit too big for your liking, try making spaghetti squash patties.

This easy, healthy and healthy dish is packed with lots of protein and plenty of vegetables. 


You can even add in a bit of sausage for some added protein or protein-packed pasta sauces to your spaghetti-spinach pasta dish. 


For an added flavour, try adding a bit more chopped parsley to your pasta dish, or add a few extra cloves of garlic for a nice kick. 


And for some extra nutritional value, try cooking spaghetti squash in a bowl of cauliflower rice.

It gives it a bit extra flavour and texture and is a delicious healthy alternative to pasta. 


This spaghetti squash pasta dish also makes an excellent spaghetti squash noodle soup, so try adding some extra pasta to your bowl. 


If you want a healthy spaghetti squash dip, try it with the tomato and basil pesto sauce.

This dish makes for an easy pasta salad to share. 


To make this spaghetti-sausage spaghetti squash spaghetti dish in a sauce that you can throw together in minutes, try using a little of the extra sauce from the spaghetti-spaghetti dish as a sauce. 


Another good pasta-spinache recipe is this spaghetti sausage spaghetti dish.

I love sausages and this is one of my favourite spaghetti squash dishes to make. 


Spaghetti squash is so versatile that this spaghetti spaghetti squash dish can be cooked in a wide range of different ways.

I’ve cooked spaghetti squash and pasta in a pasta sauce and with a meat sauce and cooked spaghetti and pesto spaghetti squash into a sauce and made spaghetti squash lasagna with spaghetti squash. 


Finally, if you want something a little more traditional, try spaghetti squash risotto.

This pasta-sauce recipe is very simple to make and is perfect for any holiday, dinner party or family gathering. 


Want to see more healthy pasta recipes?

I’ve rounded up some of my favourites from around the web for you to try.

If spaghetti squash isn’t your thing yet, check out some of the other spaghetti squash recipes from around Australia.

I love spaghetti squash, I love the flavour and I love that I can make it in a few minutes…


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