How to avoid a honey-sugar crash

Nutrition expert Ben Pollan has warned consumers about the dangers of honey and sugar as we enter the honeymoon period.

Key points:Pollan says honey is a great source of vitamins and minerals, but it can also be a dangerous “energy source”He warns people should steer clear of it if they can”Honey is a wonderful source of vitamin B12, vitamin C, folate and zinc and the health benefits are not overstated”Pollan is warning people to avoid honey during the honeymoons, and to avoid consuming honey as a treat during the holidays.

“We know honey is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and it’s a great food source for some people.

But we know that it can be a very energy-rich food, and so it can have a negative effect on our bodies,” he said.”

It’s been found to have a very negative impact on people who have high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.”

Hive-brain stress is one of the symptoms that people get when they are stressed, and when they’re stressed, honey can trigger it.

“He said people should not go out drinking honey to get extra energy and added: “Honey should not be eaten during the holiday season, because it has such a negative impact.

“He warned people should avoid honey in a glass or in a mug, but he said it should be eaten in moderation.”

There is no such thing as a safe amount of honey in your diet, but if you do eat honey, it’s really important that you drink a little bit of it,” he told the ABC.”

If you have a lot of honey on your plate and you’re having a lot more of a problem with your blood sugar than normal, or you have the flu or you’ve got an asthma attack or you’re feeling unwell, then honey might be something you need to avoid.

“Read more about honey here:Dr Pollan said it was important for people to remember to limit their consumption of honey, but said it might not be the best way to manage a stressor.”

A lot of people don’t realise the health risks of honey.

If you’re in a stress situation and you drink honey, you’re potentially putting yourself in a situation where you have to drink more water, or maybe take a medication that you need,” he added.”

You might even get a little extra boost from the honey.

So it might be worth going a little more organic in the way that you’re consuming honey.

“Read Dr Pollan’s full report here:

Nutrition expert Ben Pollan has warned consumers about the dangers of honey and sugar as we enter the honeymoon period.Key…


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